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Monday, April 9, 2012

One more (For the kids back home)

Well, I know it's been a little while since we last met, but I think you would like to know what I've been up to.
New works, has changed quite a bit. My teachers have changed, Mrs. J is in charge, and we have begun studying dance, colors, and music.

With dance, we covered some basic concepts such as stage directions, movement, and how lines and curves relate. We studied that for a bit, and it was fun, but I didn't feel quite as excited as I used to.

Colors were good. We learned about the principal, secondary, and tertiary color triangle, and many things besides. Te best part was when we were taken into the theatre and had the power of color demonstrated. The combinations of light interested me, especially as a performer.

I had most fun in music, which is as it should be. It's my home turf, and building an instrument was easy. I have a mechanical mind, and concieving my "Trebutar" was very easy. My favourite part was writing a song for my ensemble. It was fairly basic, but I loved it.

I feel that while we may be doing fun and interesting things with other clusters, my heart is still with music. I shall keep you all informed.

Until then, Adieu

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Works Video Assignment


Finally, it is good to be back.JK

Well i recently completed anew works assignment in which we were given a prompt and made to create a relatively short movie about it. I liked it alot, esp cause i served as defacto co producer and writer. It was a lot of fun and it made people think, but i would have prefered if the whole class had been combined to make one big hour long (or half hour long) movie. Still it was good.

Burnin drums is on his own case.

Our group was pretty good. I felt our video was the best done besides the silent video, which was incredibley well done. I felt our script was the best, (YOUR WELCOME AMERICA) but we had, a few technical issues with the sound, (OTHER GROUPS TALKING IN THE BACKGROUND AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but i felt overall we did pretty good

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1 minute space review

Well, another week, another post. Today we presented the last of our projects.
I felt that my project, while sound, was very rushed. This was very evident in the music which was sort of crammed together. A more professional device would have been good.
I felt Sam's was the best. It was produced well, even for a cheesy song. It was well done though.
Oh well.
Keepin you posted,
Rory Green

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Geekin out


As some of you may know, the final book in the inheritance cycle is coming out pretty soon. So i'm puttin on my nerd hat and bunkerin down for the next few days. Several years of wait tend to do that. 
Christopher Pauloni is one of the few teen book authors i still respect, because he doesn't stick to the standard plotline like a college student to test rules. We'll until it comes out ill just give you some pictures. If i get enough money, i'll buy and review the book.



Best Drum set Question


Most Beautiful Drum set Ever-Possibly
My future drum set-Improbably
What's your favorite drum set, and from what brand

New Works- Classes

Well, i have to do another new works blog. Once again i have been commissioned to do a project, a one minute presentation of some sort about space. This is based on the four activities, one with my home teacher where we did comedy, another with electronic space (aka this blogs reason for existance, a zen mind walk which actually was interesting for me, not because the teachers intended purpose, but because i felt god touched me. Finnaly we did dancing space, which while fun, it was not so useful to a musician like me. So i got work to do and I'm still rather unsure about this class.
Keepin you posted,
Rory Green

Monday, September 19, 2011

New Works/For the Teachers

OK, this is my first post, and it's the obligatory school post.
    This is about my work in New Works class at my school. It's a class about, well I'm not really sure, but it seems to be an attempt to fuse all four arts clusters at my school together. My teacher is Ms. Edmunsson, and she is kind. This is only the second year of new works so i am not sure ow this going to work. (In all honesty i expected to get gym class, but here goes.)
    We spent the first day looking at a video from a former new works student. They where well done but left me wondering, so what is this class for. (Physical credit=Making videos?) We then spent the next week playing games, further increasing my doubts about the class, but i had some friends so i stayed. Then we got our first project.
     We had to make a video ad for Booker T. Our group, being full of mature young men, made a comedy that said nothing true about the school. There was no rule against it, so we are fine.Our project sure drew some laughs.
    Thats my first impression of New works so far. Im undecided. Im making this blog initially as one of our projects but i plan to do more with it.
Keeping you posted,
Rory Green